It should be written in an MS Word (.docX) file. The default font (Calibri) and page format (either letter or A4 with 2.54 cm or 1 inch margins) should be used. There should not be tabs, indents, and line/section breaks anywhere.

The text of the abstract shall be no more than 400 words, with the following information: 
(Click here to download the Abstract Template)

Type: Indicate either ‘oral’ or ‘poster only’

Broad area: Botany, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Geology, Pharmacy, etc.

Topic: Title of the presentation

Author(s): In full name, e.g. Stephen Hawking. In multi-authorship, indicate the corresponding author by an asterisk (*) after the name.

Affiliation: Give full postal address with PIN code. For multi-authors, each authors’ address should appear in the order of authorship, and arranged in serial using superscript numerical (e.g. 123, etc.)

E-mail: Corresponding author’s account

Abstract: Start with a succinct statement of the purpose and problems of the topic, followed by brief description the materials and methods, result, and then conclusion. Standard abbreviation can be used, e.g. DNA, Hz, kg, km, M, etc. But non-standard abbreviation (e.g. aa for amino acids) should be clearly defined on first use in a parenthesis. There should not be any citation.